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RemitMoni - Cash Pickup

Collect Cash Pickup from the authorized and licensed outlets of Remit Moni Correspondent Partner network around the globe. Only for P2P customers, limits  and conditions applicable as per Banking Regulations of the respective country of receipt


RemitMoni - E-wallet Transfers

RemitMoni has partnered with leading E Wallets service providers in many countries such as Mpesa in African countries, UPI payment in India, to service the unbanked customers in getting support from their overseas family members.


RemitMoni Instant Transfer

Available for selected countries, instant P2P bank account transfers to beneficiary bank account .


RemitMoni B2B

We provide trade related remittance service facility directly to traders in Hong Kong and through our licensed network partners from other countries. We can facilitate collection in HKD and other currencies and payout in USD, CNY, HKD, GBP, EUR etc.

However we have restricted and prohibited lists of trade/industries and countries. We also conduct enhanced due diligence as per regulatory requirements.

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